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Gutter Repairs Service

Roof gutters and downpipes are designed to carry rainwater away from a building, this protects the foundations of your home and prevents water damage. Rainwater leaking from guttering can cause serious structural deterioration and unhealthy mould problems. Keeping roof gutters and downpipes maintained extends the life of your guttering and will prevent water damage.

It is recommended that roof gutters are inspected and cleaned at least once a year, the best time during the autumn months. Without proper maintenance, damp and decay caused by blocked, sagging and damaged guttering can lead to expensive repair bills. Regular maintenance could prevent the need to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds at a later date on dealing with a serious damp problem such as dry rot.

Why should I choose Gutter Repairs & Plumbing Solutions Ltd?

  • Easy, because you’ll never have to clean your gutters again! You avoid the stress of cleaning gutters yourself
  • No more need for you to risk climbing a shaky ladder.
  • You stop worrying about your gutters, and start enjoying the peace of mind that Gutter-Repairs & Plumbing Solutions Ltd maintenance provides.